How I Got Out of Chronic Pain, Healed Trauma, and Ditched Dependence on Drugs with Herbal Medicine and the CALYPSO Healing Method™

Hosted by Selima Harleston Lust, Clinical Herbalist, Medical Astrologer, Spiritual Teacher, & Co-owner of Iwilla Remedy

On the class you'll learn how I created my own personal health care system, reclaimed my life, and said "bye-bye" to Big Pharma!

I've got 10+ years experience and over 5,000 students who are learning to how to do what I did. You ready?

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On the Masterclass you'll learn:

✅ The simple, step-by-step holistic process I used to get rid of chronic pain, heal trauma, and ditch dependence on drugs
✅ How to create your own personal health care system, so that you get a clean bill of health at annual check-ups and only rely on modern medicine for emergencies
✅ How to take herbal medicine the right way, so you stop trying to take plants like you’ve been poppin’ Big Pharma's pills
✅ How herbs improve your health and why they are more powerful, sustainable, and effective than lab-made drugs as a long-term solution to improving your health and maintaining your wellbeing
✅ Different herbal protocol strategies for addressing acute versus chronic issues (issues you've had for years can't be corrected as if you were just diagnosed yesterday)
✅ How to choose your plant that are compatible with your body, constitution, condition (they are NOT one-size-fits-all)
✅ How to identify, address, and release the emotional root cause of physical pains, so they go away for good (because sippin' tea isn't enough)

This Masterclass is perfect for you if:⁠

📍You’ve been struggling to get the root of your pain⁠ (it’s emotional, not physical)

📍You’ve been failed by and no longer trust Western medicine and Big Pharma⁠

📍You’ve been trying all sorts of supplements, diets, detoxes and workouts with hit-or-miss success⁠

📍You’re a medical and/or holistic practitioner who wants to confidently incorporate herbal medicine into your practice
📍You’re a healer who needs community and support from like-minded people

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This is how I turned my health around, reclaimed my power and my joy and became a beacon of light to help my clients improve their lives as well.

Masterclass Reviews


I participated in your presentation today and I was delighted with the content. The program you're offering is comprehensive and thorough with everything I could imagine in a healing format. I enjoy your energy, especially your sense of humor, very much.


I attended your masterclass yesterday! First note, you are so amazing lol! It was really empowering hearing you speak yesterday. I came in thinking I was going to learn one thing and my eyes were opened to so much more. I am very interested in enrolling in the program for myself.


I took the masterclass and absolutely loved it. I really want to participate in the mentorship program. 


I just wanted to thank you for the amazing workshop you gave today. You have a very powerful voice and made me want to learn more. I am incredibly thankful.

On the class you'll learn how I created my own personal health care system, reclaimed my life, and said "bye-bye" to Big Pharma!

I've got 10+ years experience and over 5,000 students who are learning to how to do what I did. You ready?

Now is your time to thrive!